HSC Research Blitz on Friday, November 17, 2017

The first UF Health-Science center-wide Research Blitz will be this Friday, Communicore C1-3, from 1:30 – 3:00 pm (with a coffee break in the middle, for conversations).  Each faculty presenter will give a very brief overview of projects, expertise, and collaboration interests.  The broad overarching theme (current work and/or potential application/interest) is the general area of immunology/infection.

Many speakers are newer faculty, and are from multiple colleges with a wide range of expertise; it is a great opportunity to meet, network and brainstorm.  The list of presenters and interests is noted below.  Feel free to let others know about this event, including postdocs/grad students.

This is being organized by the COM faculty council, and we hope to hold additional HSC-wide blitzes in the future.  If you would like to present at one, please contact Dr. Peggy Wallace (peggyw@ufl.edu).

HSC Blitz  11.17.17
name college department research interests and/or tools email
Jose A. Lemos, PhD Dentistry Oral Biology virulence mechanisms, Strep. mutans, enterococci, caries, endocarditis, bacterial stress response, host-pathogen interactions. jlemos@dental.ufl.edu
Juergen Bulitta, PhD Pharmacy Pharmaceutics multidrug-resistant bacterial ‘superbugs’, novel antibiotic development and combination dosing strategies, QSP modeling, PK/PD of inhaled corticosteroids. jbulitta@cop.ufl.edu
Apichai Tuanyok, PhD Vet. Medicine Infectious Disease & Pathology burkholderia bacteria vaccine development, melioidosis, antibiotic resistance, PCR detection of burkholderia, innate immune response. tuanyok@ufl.edu
Jacqueline Abranches, PhD Dentistry Oral Biology bacteria-host interactions, oral and systemic infections, intracellular bacteria, biofilms, bacterial stress tolerance.  Strep.mutans, enterococci, lactobacilli. Jabranches@dental.ufl.edu
Jianping Huang, PhD Medicine Neurosurgery brain tumor immunotherapy group, immunopathology, blood brain barrier, CAR-T therapy, nanoparticles, clinical research. Jianping.Huang@neurosurgery.ufl.edu
Amy Vittor, MD PhD Medicine Infectious Disease & Global Med. Drivers of mosquito-borne viral (arboviral) emergence : host susceptibility (antibody durability and cross-reactivity; antibody-dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity), deforestation, climate. Alphaviral pathogenesis. Arboviral transmission cycles and epidemiology in the tropics. Amy.Vittor@medicine.ufl.edu
Jinying Zhao, PhD PHHP and Med. Epidemiology genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics of human complex diseases. Biomarker identification from big data (e.g., genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics). Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer.  Development of novel statistical/bioinform. methods. jzhao66@ufl.edu
Jorge Frias-Lopez, PhD Dentistry Oral Biology ecology of the human microbiome, periodontitis, microbe-host interactions, meta-transcriptome gene expression analysis, bioinformatics jfrias-lopez@dental.ufl.edu
Paramita Chakrabarty, PhD Medicine Neuroscience immune activation in dementias, relationship between innate immunity and proteostasis in mouse neurodegenerative models.  Recombinant AAV somatic brain transgenesis models.  Immune functioning in proteostasis and therapy targets. pchakrabarty@ufl.edu
Zsolt Toth, PhD Dentistry Oral Biology viral and host epigenetic regulation of oncogenic herpes infection, oral epithelium, structure-function mutation assays , chromatin structure regulation (epigenomics). ZToth@dental.ufl.edu
Lei Jin, PhD Medicine Medicine Cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs);  mucosal vaccine adjuvant; human STING genetic variants; lung dendritic cells, pneumococcal lung infection. Lei.Jin@medicine.ufl.edu
Sihem Bihorel, PhD Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Translational quantitative systems pharmacology and enhanced pharmacodynamics of anti-cancer and immuno-oncology drugs, novel anti-cancer drug delivery systems, lipid nano particles, targeted immuno-therapy, optimizing sequence of combination therapies. sihem.bihorel@cop.ufl.edu
Wayne McCormack, PhD Office of Biomedical Research Career Development CTSI support for interdisciplinary collaborations mccormac@pathology.ufl.edu