SAVE THE DATE: UFCOM Celebrating Wellness 2020

UF COM Celebrating Wellness 2020

Picture your workplace well-being clearly with a 20/20 vision for the new year

January 27-31, 2020

Presentations at 7am, noon and/or 5pm each day with additional events to learn more about existing services and programming to facilitate your wellness year-round.

Presentations will cover multiple wellness-related topics including:

  • Mindful Doctoring in the EHR Era
  • Ergonomic Strategies to Combat Pain Associated with Deskwork
  • Incivility in the Workplace
  • What Working With End-of-Life Teaches About How to Live
  • Using Your UF Benefits to Promote Work-Life Wellness
  • Caregiver Wellbeing
  • Your Family Values Legacy: Estate Planning for “Regular” People
  • Physical Therapy Techniques for Surgeons
  • Listening
  • How PRN Can Help Healthcare Professionals and Students  
  • …and more!

 More information regarding additional presentations, activities, and events to follow.  Visit the Wellness website at: