Lifetime Achievement Award

This award, from the UF College of Medicine Faculty Council, recognizes our most outstanding, active peers for providing extraordinary service to the UF College of Medicine, including recognition for the College through national reputation in their respective professions.  This award is aimed at faculty who have been at UF for at least 10 years; many past recipients have devoted over 20 years to the College.  Nominations will be requested early in the calendar year, and nominations can subsequently be submitted to the Faculty Council in the form of a letter(s) detailing the nominee’s contributions, along with the nominee’s CV.

F. Kayser Enneking, MD – Department of Anesthesiology
Frederick Jay Fricker, MD – Department of Pediatrics
Michael S. Okun, MD – Department of Neurology

Henry Baker, PhD – Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Regina Bussing, MD – Department of Psychiatry
Christopher Forsmark, MD – Department of Medicine
Ira Longini, Jr., PhD, Department of Biostatistics
Tomas Martin, MD, Department of Surgery
Frederick Southwick, MD, Department of Medicine

W. Patrick Duff, MD – Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jennifer Light, MD – Department of Emergency Medicine
Elizabeth Shenkman, Ph.D. – Department of Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics

Nikolaus Gravenstein, MD – Department of Anesthesiology
William M. Mendenhall, MD – Department of Radiation Oncology
Desmond A. Schatz, MD – Department of Pediatrics

Ira H. Gessner, MD – Department of Pediatrics
Marian C. Limacher, MD – Department of Medicine
Charles E. Wood, PhD – Department of Physiology & Functional Genomics

Mark Atkinson, PhD – Department of Pathology
Timothy Flynn, MD – Department of Surgery
Shih-Wen Huang, MD – Department of Pediatrics

Donna Parker, MD – Department of Pediatrics
Arlan Rosenbloom, MD – Department of Pediatrics
Gregory Schultz, PhD – Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Colin Sumners, PhD – Department of Physiology & Functional Genomics
Charles Wingo, MD- Departments of Medicine and Physiology & Functional Genomics

Douglas J. Barrett, MD – Department of Pediatrics
R. Whit Curry, Jr., MD – Department of Community Health & Family Medicine
Marieta Heaton, PhD – Department of Neuroscience
Saeed R. Khan, PhD – Department of Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Richard Lottenberg, MD- Department of Medicine
Edward J. Wilkinson, MD – Department of Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine

Patricia L. Abbitt, MD – Department of Radiology
Mary Lou Behnke, MD – Department of Pediatrics
C. Richard Conti, MD – Department of Medicine
Paul C. Dell, MD – Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
William A. Friedman, MD- Department of Neurosurgery
Linda S. Morgan, MD – Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mohan K. Raizada, PhD – Department of Physiology & Functional Genomics

Frank J. Bova, PhD – Department of Neurosurgery
Nicholas J. Cassisi, DDS, MD – Department of Otolaryngology
William W. Hauswirth, PhD – Department of Ophthalmology

Kenneth I. Berns, MD, PhD – Genetics Institute
Leslie J. Gonzalez-Rothi, PhD – Department of Neurology
Janet H. Silverstein, MD – Department of Pediatrics
Edward Valenstein, MD – Department of Neurology

Edward Block, MD – Department of Medicine
Kathleen Shiverick, PhD – Department of Pharmacology

Melvin Greer, MD – Department of Neurology
Irvin F. Hawkins, Jr., MD – Department of Radiology
Carl J. Pepine, MD – Department of Medicine
James M. Seeger, MD – Department of Surgery (Special Lifetime Achievement Award)

James L. Talbert, MD – Department of Surgery

Edward M. Copeland, III, MD – Department of Surgery
Kenneth M. Heilman, MD – Department of Neurology

J.S. Gravenstein, MD – Department of Anesthesiology

William F. Enneking, MD – Department of Orthopaedics
Hugh M. Hill, MD – Department of OBGYN (Special Achievement)
C. Craig Tisher, MD – Dean, College of Medicine (Special Achievement)

Richard T. Smith, MD – Department of Pathology

Gerold L. Schiebler, MD – Department of Pediatrics

William G. Luttge, PhD – Department of Neuroscience & McKnight Brain Institute

Kenneth I. Berns, MD, PhD – Dean, College of Medicine (Special Achievement)

Albert L. Rhoton, MD – Department of Neurosurgery

James R. Cade, MD – Department of Medicine

Thomas Maren, MD – Department of Pharmacology